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Written By · 14 August 2023 · 2 min read       Copy Article URL

'BEING YOU--Reflected on Classroom Decorations

  • By: Richelynne Milenara Fang, Secondary 3 Integrity


    New school year means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships, and new opportunities. After two years of having classes online, we are back to the physical classroom and part of the onsite set-up, the school has also restored the Classroom Decoration Competition with this year's theme: BEING YOU. Each class decorated their classroom with a touch of their own personalities.


    This competition sure did lift up the spirits of the students, to start off the new academic year by embracing some of our school values: Teamwork, Passion, Integrity, Compassion, Dedication, and Ability to Inspire. The students, with their form teachers, had combined their ideas and finally worked together to put up the decorations. 


    All classes have worked so hard together to strive to be the winning class, but there could only be one winner from each of these categories: Best Bulletin Boards, Best Door Decoration, and Best in Classroom Decoration.


    The overall winner is Secondary 2 Zeal, the advisory class of Mr. Reynante Bunuan, with their really unique concept of Japanese cartoon which is now popularly known as manga or anime. The intricate details of their decorations from big drawings of characters and coloured papers pasted on their walls, with the famous Fushimi Inari-Shrine in Kyoto, covers a whole hill with more than 10.000 such red gates designed inside their very own classroom. With all the Japanese touches inside their classroom, every student and every teacher who visited their classroom felt like tourists visiting a Japanese school. The students put a lot of effort. Indeed, this class is full of amazing and talented artists!


    Secondary 2 Zeal students decorating their bulletin board


    Secondary 4 students visiting Secondary Zeal classroom


    Mr. Rey, the Form Teacher of Sec 2 Zeal, together with a Secondary 3 student


    Mr. Melvin and Ms. Hannie, visiting the Secondary 2 Zeal classroom


    The Junior College 1 Logic, under the supervision of Ms. Leslie Irang, class won in the Door Decoration category with their unique idea of using bitmojis (snapchat avatars) on balloons inspired by the movie, Up. Each of these students' bitmoji was unique as they designed them themselves and as a way to express their personalities.


    Ms. Leslie, together with some JC 1 Logic students, after finishing their door decoration


    Lastly, an outstanding bulletin board designed by the Secondary 3 Integrity class, under the supervision of Mr. Aep Saepulloh, has also been recognised. The class made their classroom just like our universe with their catchy galaxy-themed notice board. Not only did they win in the Notice Board category, they also got the trophy for their uniquely designed bulletin board inside the classroom. The mini-planets hanging down their ceilings, their hologram frames for their boards, and the appealing design for their homework board will surely remind the students about their homework. 


    Secondary 3 Integrity students, working on their bulletin board.


    Sec 3 students working on their notice board


    Indeed, this competition gave an excitement and a competitive spirit to start the school year and of course, a really different feeling for the students compared to the past 2 years of being in an online set-up. We hope to see these competitive spirits again next academic year!




    Secondary 1 Courage door decoration


    Ms. Ferly, Secondary 1 Form Teacher, helping the kids finish their classroom decorations


    JC 1 Teamwork's door decoration


    JC 1 students working on their door decoration


    Secondary 4 students decorating their bulletin board


    Secondary 4 students decorating their bulletin board


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